the best crate for a working dog
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The safety, durability and comfort of a Gunner Kennel makes it the perfect crate for a working dog.
Pet Safety

The safety, durability and comfort of a Gunner Kennel makes it the perfect crate for a working dog. Here why.

The Best Crate for a Working Dog

Our dog crates were designed with the working dog in mind. In fact, many of our dealers are professional K9 trainers and proudly carry and recommend our crates for working and hunting dogs. Let’s take a look why many dog handlers are choosing a Gunner Kennel to use as their travel crate.


Dogs that serve in law enforcement agencies, the military or any specialized task are likely to travel a great amount. Obviously, the increased time on the road increases the chance of an accident. The G1™ Intermediate was named Top Performer by Center For Pet Safety (CPS) in a first-of-its-kind crash test for dog crates. CPS focuses on testing pet travel products to ensure pet owners have the facts – not just manufacturer marketing spin – to protect themselves and their pets during their travels together.

Our kennels’ double-walled rotomolded construction has been engineered to withstand pressure. We truly don’t know how much pressure it can actually bear. When independently tested by MGA Research Corporation, competitors’ crates were all crushed when 3,000 pounds of pressure or less was applied. The Gunner Kennel retained its structure after 4,000 pounds was applied. This broke the machine three times! MGA did not want to run the test past this point for fear of the Gunner Kennel would break it again.

One of the most important safety features of a Gunner Kennel, and quite frankly is missing from almost all other crates, is our secure stainless steel tie down pins. They are the designated points on the kennel to connect our military-spec two-inch wide cam buckle cinch strap. Once our kennels are tied down, they become part of vehicle. There is no shaking, shifting or rolling over so you can drive knowing that your pet is safe and secure.

To be straightforward, a Gunner Kennel provides a higher level of protection when you are traveling with your dog. Its incredible strength goes far beyond any other plastic crate. 


Thanks to the double-walled rotomolded plastic, virtually nothing stands a chance of breaking through to hurt your dog. It also means you can say goodbye to cracks in brittle plastic and frequently replacing a broken kennels.

Our focus on durability was also used to design the kennel door. We’d bet that probably 99% of dogs that have escaped a crate manage to get through the door of a crate. Our dog crate doors are not comprised of regular low-grade plastic or thin wire metal. In fact, they are made from the same type of material the new water meter covers are made of. We’ve run over it with a truck, hit it with hammers and performed every bite and chew test imaginable, including using knives to cut and saw into the door to ensure chewers will not get out. The full-length stainless steel piano hinge and lockable stainless steel paddle latch is Paw-Proof™ and comes standard.


The double-walled rotomolded plastic that makes a Gunner Kennel the safest industry rated dog crate also has insulation properties. The extra layer of material between your dog and the outside helps block hot or cold air.

In addition to this extra layer of insulation, rubber feet raise the crate off the ground. This helps retain ambient temperatures. When the ground is frozen or the surface of a truck bed is cold, heat will move from a kennel to the adjoining surface through conduction, and vice versa when it’s hot. By keeping the kennel off the ground, more heat (or cool air during the summer) stays inside of the crate.

Now we are not saying to keep your dog inside your vehicle in extreme temperatures unattended. It’s well documented that heat exhaustion sets in rapidly when dogs are left in a hot car. When the vehicle is moving and the windows are down, the dog is in the cargo area of a pickup truck or the air conditioner is on inside the cabin, our crates have more than enough ventilation and insulation to provide maximum comfort for your dog. As a matter of fact, dog owners in South Texas reported that the kennel kept their dog cooler than any other crate they have owned in the Texas summer heat.

Whether you own a hunting or working dog, you know the value of good equipment that maximizes productivity and safety. Our crates deliver nothing less than the best in terms of quality, protection and comfort for the working dog. Be sure to visit our online shop to see the crate sizes available.

Photo: Mike K sent us this photo of his dog, Mila, an explosive detection canine in her Gunner Kennel. 

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