ducks unlimited x gunner: partners in conservation
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Addison has been a DU member for as long as he can remember – even the first drawing of a GUNNER kennel 8 years ago was mocked with their logo. Now, GUNNER has officially partnered with the world's leader in waterfowl conservation to offer special-edition products in the DU signature green. Learn more Ducks Unlimited, their mission and their impact.



Why Ducks Unlimited?

As a company with a strong outdoor foundation, we’re thankful for the Ducks Unlimited efforts that allow us to continue enjoying our favorite wetlands and hunting grounds. Their protection of wildlife breeding grounds is one of the reasons we’re able to continue hunting responsibly without worry of a decrease in waterfowl populations.

A portion of every Ducks Unlimited x GUNNER purchase (launching June 15, 2022) goes directly back to DU – so by owning the product, you're opting into a lifetime of safety and a lifetime of green.

A Dream Realized

Addison has been a member of Ducks Unlimited since he was 16, and his experience growing up hunting in Arkansas made him realize the importance of conservation. From putting DU stickers on his truck in college, to attending banquets and creating advertisements for local chapters, Addison's extracurricular passions have in turn made him passionate about Ducks Unlimited’s efforts and mission.

Ducks Unlimited had such an impact on him, that when he first started GUNNER, partnering with DU as a corporate sponsor was at the very top of his list to achieve one day – he even included the DU logo on his original kennel sketches before the first prototype arrived.

GUNNER has partnered with DU throughout the years by donating a percentage of sales from our annual Flyway Series release, by volunteering with duck banding projects, and through fundraising giveaways, but to see the DU logo on our keystone products is an dream realized for Addison. 

The Ducks Unlimited Vision

Founded in 1937 by waterfowl hunters, Ducks Unlimited is the world’s leader in waterfowl and wetlands conservation. Their vision is simple: wetlands sufficient to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow, and forever. For 85 years, DU has dedicated itself to making sure our natural resources are available for sustained enjoyment and use.

DU has spent years restoring wetlands, grasslands, and forests and working with landowners and farmers to make their land more wildlife-friendly and protect waterfowl breeding grounds.

By partnering with waterfowl hunters throughout North America, DU is able to preserve healthy habitats for wildlife and ensure longevity for future generations.


 85 Years of Conservation

Your Impact With Us

As a Pledge 1% company, we've also committed to giving back 1% of profit, product and time to efforts we believe in, like Ducks Unlimited. By purchasing a Ducks Unlimited x GUNNER product, you’re protecting both your dog and your favorite waterfowl stomping grounds. Plus, at checkout, you can opt to donate $1 to DU, and our company will match that donation. 

We’re excited to continue supporting DU’s conservation efforts for future generations to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, and we hope you’ll join us in these efforts.

To join Ducks Unlimited or find your local chapter, visit www.ducks.org.
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