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Habitat restoration and conservation is essential to preserving California's fish and wildlife resources, which is why the work and education of the Ducks Unlimited organization in the state is so important. We are donating a portion of proceeds of the Los Banos Flyway Series collection sales to CA DU, and matching customer donations $1 for $1.
Flyway Series

This is part of the second Flyway Series release from GUNNER, which features limited-edition colors that draw inspiration from North Americans iconic flyways. 

This year's limited-edition collection is inspired by Los Banos and California’s vast grasslands – and specifically, the Cinnamon Teal that can be found year-round in the historic San Joaquin River basin of the Central Valley. Kennel up for the season, sign up to grab the exclusive color while it lasts.

California has lost more than 90% of its historic wetlands and over 95% of its historic streamside trees, shrubs, and ground vegetation due to urbanization, agricultural conversion, flood control, and invasion by nonnative plants. 

It is estimated that an astounding 99% of the historic native grasslands of California have been lost or have become dominated by nonnative plants. 

Habitat restoration and conservation is essential to preserving California's fish and wildlife resources, which is why the work and education of the Ducks Unlimited organization in the state is so important. 

And with more than two-thirds of California's land in private ownership, the future of the state's wildlife habitat is dependent on the conservation practices of the private landowner.

Source for stats above: USFWS


We’re tying in the launch of our Los Banos collection with our Gunner Gives match campaign, by adding California Ducks Unlimited as an option for you to donate $1 to with your order — which we’ll match with another $1 to California DU.

Plus, a portion of proceeds from each Los Banos kennel sale will also go back to CA DU.

In recent years, California DU has also received funding approval for over $5.7 million earmarked for habitat restoration in their home state. To better understand the extensive work Ducks Unlimited is currently doing in California, we asked DU regional biologist Matt Kaminski, who is in charge of wetland habitat projects in Los Banos / Grasslands area, to break it down for us. Read his summary here.

As a larger organization, the Ducks Unlimited mission is to conserve, enhance and restore wetlands and associated habitats that benefit waterfowl, other wildlife, and people, and they’ve championed over 15 million acres of habitat conservation in North America and almost 800,000 acres in California alone. 

Here are a few more facts about the Ducks Unlimited organization, provided by Garrett Williams, the Regional Director in Central CA: 

  • Ducks Unlimited was started in 1937 during the Dust Bowl when drought conditions caused a major decrease in wetland habitat and waterfowl populations. A small group of hunters started Ducks Unlimited to reverse that trend and make sure light was shined on these issues.
  • The DU wetland conservation helps waterfowl populations flourish and also provides a recharge and purification to groundwater. 
  • Wetlands are North America’s most productive ecosystems, providing critical habitat to more than 900 wildlife species and invaluable recreation opportunities for people to enjoy.
  • Ducks Unlimited has conserved over 15 million acres in North America and almost 800,000 in California alone.
  • 83% of every dollar raised goes directly to DU’s conservation mission to enhance, manage and restore critical wetland habitat.
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