"When it comes to portable kennels, GUNNER's offerings are top of the line, and I honestly can say they're the best I've encountered."

Shooting Sportsmen

"It's ridiculously overbuilt (it'll stop a shotgun blast at seven paces) [and] it protects your most valuable hunting tool: your tail-wagging pal.

Field & Stream

"Meet the last dog crate you'll ever need: a GUNNER kennel, manufactured in Tennessee."


"This burly crate will keep your dogs safer in the car... the GUNNER G1 is the most useful dog kennel ever made."

Swamp Assassin LLC

"The thing is a beast, but that's kind of the point. There are considerable deficiencies in safety standards when it comes to travel products for dogs and the GUNNER kennel was named a 2015 Top Performer by the Center for Pet Safety"


"Because of this door (as well as the 125 other parts that make up each kennel), GUNNER is the only manufacturer with a four- or five-star rating from the Center for Pet Safety, which allows them to advertise as a CPS-certified product."


"There is not even a close second on the market to compete with GUNNER. Not even a distant third competitor. These crates live on a planet all their own. Beyond the safety and crazy rugged design, it’s like taking Stella’s bedroom with her to every duck lodge we encounter. She loves that thing. It’s her own bedroom, and yet is seems virtually indestructible. What I love most about GUNNER is the organic nature of the story: just a guy who loved his dog so much that he wouldn’t stop until he built the safest crate he could design for a dog named Gunner that has added so much value to his life. Truthfully, all of us have that story. I love my dog. That’s why I have a GUNNER kennel."


"I've been trying to get my hands on one of these since I saw the prototype. I watched and waited, and spoke with Edmonds about his vision in developing all the needs that a great kennel has to have for your companion. My professional opinion: he hit the ball out of the park. From product testing, down to the installation manual and packaging, he took his time and thought of everything. I look forward to using the kennel with my Springer Spaniels for years to come."

Covey Rise Magazine

"I can say without a shadow of doubt that my dog has never been safer then when he was placed inside his GUNNER kennel for the first time. There are metal kennels on the market that don't offer the same level of protection that the GUNNER kennels do. GUNNER have allowed my team to have peace of mind while traveling around on the roads in any condition. Thank you Addison for finally engineering a kennel that has as much quality as the dog I put in it. Whether you use your dog to make a living with or have them just as a companion, ask yourself..."What is their safety worth to you?""

Duck Down Waterfowl LLC

"As dog trainers and hunters we spend a lot of time hunting and traveling with our dogs. The GUNNER kennel is a well made and very well thought out product. A lot of time and effort is spent training and caring for a dog and we always want the best care for them. We are confident that this product will help protect our dogs when traveling for training or hunting."

- D.T. Systems

"This burly crate will keep your dogs safer in the car... the GUNNER G1 is the most useful dog kennel ever made."



The GUNNER kennel is a 5 Star Crash Test Certified crate by Center For Pet Safety. An overwhelming majority of products have failed its standards. Choose your kennel wisely.


GUNNER kennels are engineered for your dog, designed for travel and built for peace of mind. The innovation of the G1™ has set the bar for safe dog crates. Here's why.

Double Wall Rotomolded

Double-Wall Rotomolded

The market's only double-wall rotomolded crate better guards your dog from both human error and outside forces. Tough enough to protect against the unexpected.

The second layer separation reduces the amount of UV light that can reach inside of the kennel. Plus the interior surface stays smooth, without potential protrusions from inserts to potentially harm your dog. Learn more.

Escape-Proof, Reversible Door

Even Houdini couldn't escape this crate. The GUNNER door system is built specifically to contain a dog before, during and after a wreck. The powerful proprietary nylon of the G1™ door is custom welded, powder coated and reinforced with an aluminum frame. We went back to the drawing board several times to get this just right.

Heavy Duty For Safety

If it takes a little more muscle to move the GUNNER it's because of its double-walled construction, which offers at least 2x the impact protection than a single-wall. The exterior layer absorbs the majority of an initial impact, with the interior wall adding another layer of protection for your dog. We won't compromise the GUNNER integrity to shave off 5 pounds of weight. Learn more.

Made in America

Our crates are proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States of America. No bs here.

It takes more than 120 parts to make the GUNNER kennel, and we work with 20+ small businesses across this country to create our kennels and accessories.


Innovative Drainage System

An oversized, removable drain plug makes for easy cleaning. The recessed floor makes sure your dog isn't sitting in water or mud on the trip home

Wider Base

A wider base better prevents rollover, and any unwanted movement

Built-In Tie-Down Pins

GUNNER's integrated stainless-steel pins & tie-down strap combination ensures anchoring to the vehicle. The combination has been tested to not rip from kennel on impact

Non-Slip Elevated Feet

Raises crate off the ground, limiting heat transmission or conduction from surfaces. Stabilizes kennel and reduces any slippage

Custom Door System

Custom welded, powder-coated and reinforced aluminum frame. Addison's door system is the first of its kind. Stainless-steel Piano Hinge and hexagonal door design keeps paws in and teeth off

Superstrong Carry Handles

Kayak-grade handles for an easy front grasp that helps moving the heavy-duty crate

Paddle Latch Lock

Paddle-latch door offers easy opening & closing. Includes a key-in-the-hole lock to protect your pup during bathroom breaks

Stainless Steel Hardware

GUNNER uses the highest quality materials, 100% of the time. Designed to last a lifetime

Backup & Safety Latches

These top & bottom locks are an added on the door add extra backup, containing even the greatest escape artist

Water-Repelling Windows

Our vents were engineered to limit penetration of seasonal elements like rain, sleet and snow



At the heart of our company is safety. Since our launch we've helped protect thousands of dogs on the road. We've helped save dozens of dogs too.


The GUNNER kennel is the original dog crate to earn a 5 Star Crash Test Rating from the Center for Pet Safety. See what that means and why that matters.


You said it, not us. Tested to withstand a 630 lb. sled dropped from over 8 feet, a 200-foot cliff drop, 4,000 lb. of force and a 12-gauge shot gun and more.


Due to its double-wall rotomolded construction and patented details, the GUNNER kennel has properties that work for your dog in all types of weather.


Our double-wall rotomolded construction offers an extra layer of material which helps limit UV rays, as well as humidity.

Rubber feet raise the G1™ off the ground, limiting heat transmission from hot surfaces like truck beds & pavement.

Purchasing our pad accessories add an additional layer of protection, helping bring temps down inside the crate.

The G1™ has ample airflow with 10 windows on its sides, a vented door and three rear windows. The G1™ Fan Kit gets even more air circulation through there.

We conducted temperature tests using our kennel & others on the market. There was a nearly 50 degree difference between one popular crate and ours. See results here


The second layer of construction on our G1™ adds extra protection against outside chill and cold winds.

Rubber feet raise the G1™, limiting heat transmission out of kennel & allowing the dog to retain warmth.

In the same way, our pad accessories limits heat conduction from the frozen ground, keeping the dog cozy in there.

Engineers specifically designed the window vents to repel elements like water, sleet & snow. Plus our All-Weather Kit provides additional protection.

GUNNER tests on cold winter days showed that the G1™ stayed anywhere from 15-45 degrees warmer inside the kennel than exterior temperatures.

A few nights ago I was on my way to our duck club with my lab, Bullet – who was riding in a GUNNER Intermediate crate in the bed of my F-250 – when I was hit head-on by a runaway car going north of 130MPH. Or so I’m told, as it happened in a split second. The driver was apparently being pursued by the police, I never had a chance to get out of his path.
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I was driving our Mercedes Sprinter van one night with my five young kids, my wife, and my dog. A loose tire-axle-hub assembly hit us head-on in the dead of night. I'm a state trooper, but nothing could've prepared me for this. Here's what happened.
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