Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty Policy

GUNNER is dedicated to building the best dog products on the market. Each GUNNER Food Crate has been manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards, and carry a lifetime manufacturer's warranty policy: that's how much we believe in our product. We stand behind our product because of the integrity of the design and research we have put into creating them. We trust this food storage container with our best friend's lives.

Edmonds Outdoors, LLC warrants new GUNNER Food Crates from the date of shipment to be free from manufacturer’s defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for the lifetime of the original purchaser . This warranty covers all parts of the GUNNER Food Crate, including the latch, gasket and body of the product. This warranty is an exclusive warranty and there are no warranties that extend beyond the description warranted here. The warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is non-transferrable.

The owner must present original proof of purchase to obtain warranty service and must present the proof directly to Edmonds Outdoors, LLC and not a retail store, service center, or other dealer. Customer should also detail in writing a description of the problem. Damaged products must be returned directly to GUNNER in its original box or adequate packaging. If the warranty applies, Edmonds Outdoor, LLC shall at no cost to the customer either repair the Food Crate or provide the customer with a replacement container or component if it is defective under the terms of this warranty within the lifetime of the original purchaser. Edmonds Outdoors, LLC will not provide any warranty coverage unless claims are made in compliance with all terms of this controlling warranty statement and Edmonds Outdoors, LLC reasonably verifies the customer’s claim that the product is defective. Edmonds Outdoors, LLC will provide a replacement container or component to shipping addresses within the  United States or Canada at no cost to the customer. If a customer who purchased a Food Crate and subsequently moves outside of the United States or Canada, Edmonds Outdoors, LLC will provide a replacement container or component through shipping prepaid by the customer.

The warranty does not apply if the Food Crate or its components have been (1) damaged through abuse, misuse or neglect, (2) damaged in an accident, (3) unreasonably used or used for any purpose for which it was not intended, or (4) repaired or altered in any way from its original configuration, damaged due to any act of nature. Normal wear and tear, including dents, slight warping, scratches, discoloration, fading, or any damage from any animal is not covered under this warranty. Loss of parts or components removed from the Food Crate is not covered under the terms of this warranty.

If you have a dog with high drive you understand your dog's level of adrenaline. And you know when they put their mind to it, they can do some damage to whatever is in front of them. As long as you're not allowing the Food Crate to act as a giant chew toy, we guarantee this product will last the lifetime of the original purchaser. The manufacturer's warranty does not extend to cover destruction done to the product by the pet or any other animal, and obvious signs of chewing on the Food Crate will not be covered by our warranty.

GUNNER will make every effort to replace the limited-edition or discontinued products but cannot guarantee their availability for replacement at time of request. Any limited-edition or discontinued product still under its applicable warranty that cannot be replaced with an identical limited-edition product will be replaced with the equivalent model based on availability.

The GUNNER Food Crate has been tested by the company in order to ensure the structural integrity of each part meets the standards set for the company. Although the company cannot predict nor guarantee the result of any situation, the company can promise that it has made every attempt to build a product that provides you with the peace of mind that your dog is protected.

Except for the warranty set forth above, Edmonds Outdoors, LLC makes no warranty whatsoever with respect to the goods. Edmonds Outdoors, LLC is not responsible for any incidental, indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages, lost profits or revenues or diminution in value resulting from any malfunction, modification, or misuse. The remedies set forth in this warranty shall be the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy and Edmonds Outdoors, LLC’s entire liability for any breach of the limited warranty.


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