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A host of amazing brands chose to participate in this giveaway, including GUNNER, Mossy Oak, Can-Am, Quack Rack, Stingray LED, Lifetime Decoys, Fuel UTV and EFX Tires.

Founder Addison Edmonds has been working with Can-Am to build the ultimate waterfowl rig this season: a 2021 Defender Max side-by-side, outfitted with products from a host of fantastic brands to be donated at the inaugural Ducks Unlimited Expo later this year. Here’s an in-depth look at the build.

The Can-Am Defender Max Build Out


Probably the single most important addition you can have on a UTV is storage, so we turned to the pros at the Quack Rack Performance Shop for this solution, and oh did they deliver. On the build is the complete suite of Elite Series storage solutions, including the Front Rack, Rear Rack, and Roof Basket paired with a QR Roof. Being able to haul more gear in an organized and secure way gives you a huge advantage in the field, and saves crucial time in the setup and breakdown phases of your hunt.


Stingray LED has decked out the rig with some of the highest quality LED lights in the industry. When you’re ready to set up decoys and turn on all of the LEDs on the front and sides of the racks, you don’t need a flashlight or headlamp. It lights up everything. These guys have thought through the details as well and included rock lights for the wheel wells and dome lights throughout the interior of the build.

Off-Road Performance

We were sure to include a good quality set of tires and wheels on the build. We are using Fuel UTV Tech Beadlock wheels with 32” EFX MotoVator Tires. A nice set of oversized tires will give you that extra ground clearance to keep you moving and improve your ride on uneven ground. Additionally, these tires impressed us by how well they performed in mud while still providing a smooth and stable ride riding at higher speeds on gravel roads


We made sure to have the S3 Front Winch and Rear Winch Bumpers from Can-Am. You never know when you get too deep and need to winch yourself (or a buddy) out of a hairy situation, and having a front and rear winch means you can (usually) make it out of those situations. Along this same line of thought on the build are the Extreme Front Bumper Plates and Front Corner Protectors from Can-Am.

Duck Hunting

We duck hunt. A lot. Lifetime Decoys have become an integral part of our spread, so four dozen mallard decoys are part and parcel with the build. Pro tip: these decoys make a great trailer block if you find yourself needing to swap trucks with a buddy while hauling this Can-Am in the middle of nowhere.

Dog Safety

It wouldn’t be a completed build without the best kennel on the market, we included a Mossy Oak edition G1™ Intermediate kennel and tie-down straps so your four-legged hunting companion can travel in overbuilt, Made in the USA safety. And since inclement weather is a guarantee in the pursuit of waterfowl, we also included our All-Weather Kit in Mossy Oak Bottomland.


  • Can-Am Half Doors custom dipped in Mossy Oak™ DU Bottomland. As mentioned above, the added safety and confidence these doors provide while driving at higher speeds down county roads can’t be understated, particularly when you’ve got young hunters along for the ride. Pair that with a phenomenal and nostalgic camo pattern like Original Bottomland, and you’ve got the best-looking rig out there.
  • Oversized Can-Am Fender Flares, without these, your rig and all of your decoys will all be uniformly brown by the time you get to your spot. You need to protect your gear from the mud with an oversized set of fender flares
  • Can-Am Flip Glass Windshield with Wiper Kit, this one is overlooked but we have never duck hunted in any UTV without usually needing to stop and clean off the windshield. If you are following another vehicle, they will cover your windshield with mud but even just driving in the rain or fog, a set of windshield wipers are worth their weight in gold.
  • Rearview and Side Mirrors — when you’re loaded down with four to five hunters and all the gear to hunt these are crucial for backing up without the hassle of a buddy waving you back. Not to mention the added road safety for dirt and county roads.
  • Wetsounds Soundbar — yeah, it’s the ultimate waterfowl rig, but for the rest of the year, a Can-Am is an integral part of our family’s access to the outdoors. Music makes these times all the more fun.

All photos by: Aaron Davis

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