how to ease a dog’s storm anxiety
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Thunderstorm phobia is a real issue many dogs owners deal with, and it shouldn't be ignored.
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Thunderstorm phobia is a real issue many dogs owners deal with, and it shouldn’t be ignored.

How To Ease A Dog's Storm Anxiety

As we slide into spring and summer, the weather patterns will bring thunderstorms on a regular basis.

With more perception than the most accurate meteorologists, canines can sense the change in weather long before it arrives. It’s a primal instinct. Some dogs, even hunting dogs that are used to gunfire, can suffer from storm anxiety. It’s hard for any dog owner to witness an otherwise calm and happy-go-lucky dog agonize over claps of thunder and flashes of lightning, so they search for solutions.

There are a few approaches to help manage storm anxiety. We’ve heard from more than a few pet owners who’ve tried medications, but found the side effects are worse than the storm anxiety. Another option is ThunderShirts, which have been proven to work in 80 percent of cases. Lastly, providing a crate that can be a safe haven for a storm-phobic dog is a recommended remedy.

If you put yourself in a dog’s place and think like a den animal, open spaces are uncomfortable to be in when a storm hits. This is often why dogs start chewing at the bottom of doors or furniture fixtures. They are seeking cover in smaller areas.

Although our kennels are built to make traveling experiences the best and safest it can be, many of our customers use them indoors as well. Not to lock their dog inside for hours everyday, but to give them their own space when they need. Also, a crate keeps them confined and safe from chewing and ingesting things that are harmful to their health if they need to be left home alone for a short period of time.

Gunner Kennels is a company that believes in building products that keep your pets safe and secure. It’s why we developed a crate that was named “Top Performer” by Center For Pet Safety in a first-of-its-kind crash test for dog crates. It’s why we built an escape-artist-proof door that keeps your dog exactly where it should be. It’s why we made it versatile and portable so it can go from a truck bed to a mini-van to a SUV to a living room. It’s a dog’s bedroom so to speak.

Although there are many approaches to treating a dog’s storm anxiety, try simply giving him a comfortable and safe place of his own to wait out the weather when instinct tells him to seek cover. Place it in a spot that is easily accessible and away from windows. Put their favorite toys and blankets inside. Drape towels or blankets over the kennel windows to enhance the “den setting.” The dog will eventually see it as a comfort zone to hunker down in when storms hit. 

Photo Credit: @Noble_Duke via Instagram

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