discourage your dog from chewing with this chew-resistant accessory
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We hear the challenge all the time: “my dog can escape that.” Our response to that always is, “we’ll buy the kennel back from you if he can – and that includes escaping by chewing his way through.” Up until this date we haven’t had to do that. But for owners with extreme chewers, we've designed a new kennel accessory that will help give you better peace of mind.
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Gunner Kennels were originally created for travel, with every inch of the kennel designed to keep your dog (and passengers) as safe as possible in the vehicle. Because we’ve “over-engineered” this dog crate, the G1™ crate has contained even the greatest escape artist. Plus the design has even been tested to withstand 4,000 lb. of force, a 12 gauge shotgun at 7 steps, a 200-foot cliff drop, and 630 lb. dropped from 8’4”.

Gunner G1 Kennel

That being said, leave a chewer in a kennel at home for a few hours and virtually any material (within reason) can be steadily worked on. Add to that a dog with separation or storm anxiety, and the feeling of fear is so overwhelming that they will try to escape a crate at all costs – including channeling that adrenaline through their jaws.

So how do I keep my dog from chewing through the crate?

Most dogs can’t make a dent on our kennel. And we haven’t had a dog escape their Gunner Kennels either, even if they have gnawed on the windows.

But we founded this company on trust, and a mission to build the best products on the market to keep your pets safe. Because of that our engineers created this exclusive G1™ bite kit to safeguard extreme chewers: waterjet-cut, stainless steel covers that are installed over the windows to keep teeth off of the vents and help protect your warranty guarantee. Designed in line with our hexagonal grid doors, this add-on accessory is highly recommended to owners who know their dogs use their teeth – and we think it will be the answer to prayers for many. Take a better look at them here.

If you are struggling with your dog’s nervous habits, read our crate anxietystorm anxiety and separation anxiety help topics on our blog.

We also feel compelled to mention here that many times, dogs who have been able to chew through our window vents are pets left in their crates for extended periods of time. We do not believe that is good for your dog, and recommend you consider alternative solutions if you have to leave your pet in a crate daily for several hours during the day. As we detail here, a kennel should be a sanctuary and not a prison for your best friend.

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