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The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is an incredible dog with an equally impressive history in waterfowling. Located in the Northeast portion of the country, the Chesapeake Bay is home to plenty of waterfowl and plenty of harsh weather.
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The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is an incredible dog with an equally impressive history in North American waterfowling. Located in the Atlantic Flyway in Northeast portion of the US, the Chesapeake Bay is certainly one of the most storied locations to pursue waterfowl, due perhaps in part to it’s notoriously harsh weather and trying conditions. The majority of the Bay is quite shallow, leading water temperature to drop to freezing temps and ice easily and during winter. As a result, the hunters there need to be gritty and determined in their pursuit, unwavering through stiff, northern winds and icy waters… and the same rings true for their hunting dogs. The burly and determined Chessie is the ideal dog for hunting in these conditions, and if you’ve ever had the opportunity to hunt over one, you know why.

Fact: Chessies can vary in size, so use our Kennel Fit Finder to determine the safest size dog kennel for your dog.


  • Height
    • Males: 23”-26”
    • Females: 21”-24”
  • Weight
    • Males: 65-85lbs
    • Females: 55-70lbs
  • Coat
    • A Chessie’s double coat is quite unique and should be short and thick. Their wool-like undercoat is dense and oily, while their outer coat consists of short, wavy hair. This combination helps them dry rapidly and stay ready for more retrieves when hunting in harsh, cold waters.
  • Life span
    • The Chesapeake Bay Retriever has a solid life span for a large dog, averaging 10-13 years.
  • Color
    • Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Deadgrass, Deadgrass, Light Brown, Light Deadgrass, Sedge, and Tan. Some Chessies have small white markings, but they are minimal.

Hunting History

In the early 1800s, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever was created from a pair of Newfoundlands (Canton and Sailor), who were rescued from an American shipwreck. While the two dogs themselves were never bred to each other, they are credited for being the start of the Chessie line. The dogs were hunted hard and ended up breeding with a variety of other local breeds, including the Irish Water Spaniel, to create more strong-willed retrievers. Most hunters in the region needed their retrievers to be a determined dog, able to carry game birds through cold waters, strong tides, and stiff winds and not lose their desire to work. These are some exacting demands and aren’t something just any breed can accomplish. Thus, demand for the Chessie began to grow amongst avid waterfowlers.

In 1878, the AKC officially recognized the breed and the loyal dogs have been a staple in the retrieving world since then. To this day, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a barrel-chested powerhouse, used to effectively hunt birds on both land and in water. 

The Chessie Personality

A Chesapeake’s personality is lauded by many. They’re loveable family dogs who do not hide their emotions. Chessies can certaibly be great with children, but most recommend adult supervision as they do not tolerate bothersome behaviour overly well. They’re generally an outgoing breed, but may need a little time to warm up to new friends, so keep that in mind when guests come over. Most noted, however, is the loyalty this breed generally demonstrates for their families.

Chessies are quite intelligent dogs and excel with obedience if given the proper time and patience. Molly Boland of Free Spirit Gun Dogs is a talented dog trainer and is passionate about the breed. She believes that Chesapeakes are one of the most intelligent, and also sensitive breeds. This can make training more difficult because of the increased time and patience required to walk them through the process and ensure their understanding without losing trust, but she finds it worth the challenge. Molly says she will never live without a Chessie by her side.

The Health of a Chessie

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers tend to be very healthy dogs who live long lives for the size of their breed. As with many of the Retriever breeds, they require proper mental and physical exercise, as well as a nutritional diet. Chessies are susceptible to common joint issues such as hip dysplasia, so it’s best to have regular trips to the vet to monitor their overall health.

Training Tips for Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Molly Boland has a lot of experience training Chesapeakes, especially when it comes to building powerhouse gun dogs. Her step by step process for developing a gun dog and helping to bring out their natural instincts doesn’t waiver overly much from breed to breed, but she does suggest slowing things down with Chessies. “They don’t have much patience for mistakes. If you show them correctly, that’s how they’ll do it for the rest of their lives but if you make mistakes and try to reteach, they’ll start to question your level of education; they’ll either turn on you or just shut down.”

In general, It’s important to keep training light and fun for all dogs, but especially a Chessie. Many dogs learn best through repetition but this can create boredom for our coarse-coated hunting buddies, so be consistent and creative with your training scenarios so they are engaged.

“You must be courteous when it comes to training a Chessie.” — Molly Boland


Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are an extremely athletic and talented breed of hunting dogs with a history that dates back to the beginning days of the American waterfowler. With proper love and care, they can impress you while playing with your children in the backyard and while chasing a downed bird through chilly waters. The Chessie is certainly one of America’s greatest gun dogs.

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Brandon M.
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It’s like an insurance plan….

This is by far the best kennel made. I use mine daily and they take lots of abuse. They never even seem to wear at all. Hose them off with soap and water and they look brand new. I encourage all of my puppy buyers to get them as well. It’s like an insurance plan for your best friend!

Kris T.
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Wow, Just Wow

Wow, this kennel is the Yeti of dog kennels! everything about this kennel is first rate. Yes, there are cheaper, but none can compare to a Gunner kennel.

Alec L.
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Amazing travel kennel

This thing is built like a tank. I have no doubt this will protect our little guy if we are ever involved in an accident. We recently completed an 800 mile road trip with him in the crate. It was well worth the money. This was the first time he was calm in the car and not whining. He slept easily during the drive. We felt calm know he was secure and comfortable. Cannot recommend this crate enough!!

Angus O.
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Unlike any other crate I have seen

I purchased two Gunner kennels, a medium and a small, for my pups. Immediately, you understand this is a different level of product compared to what you’ve used before. The construction is fantastic and legitimately heavy duty. I feel so much better knowing I’ve done everything I can to keep my dogs safe in case of a worst case scenario.

Patrick K.
United States United States
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Best purchase for my best friends

I’ve been buying cheap kennels for the four years I’ve owned my dogs, none of them seemed to hold up. I’ve wanted a Gunner for a year now, and the more I read stories of how they have saved dogs lives, it made me think of how losing my best friends would damn near **** me. So I made the purchase and will never look back. It is one solid kennel and I will not let the kennel hold me back from traveling farther to hunt anymore. It’s well worth the investment. I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for, and this will not let anyone down.