a truck hydroplaned into our chevy silverado
03-17-201 min read
I’ve been in a wreck before, but never when I was related to everyone involved.... here's how I believe Gunner Kennels saved my hunting partner.
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Words by Dex Allen | As Told By Gunner

When you travel as much my dad and I do, you see some stuff but you never think it’s going to happen to you.

My dad, future brother-in-law and I had been at our hunting camp one weekend in November around Thanksgiving, and we were all headed back home one afternoon. I was with my dad in his Chevy Silverado, the brother-in-law was in another truck. 

It’s about a 3.5 hour drive from our land to the house and it had been raining pretty badly. At some point during the trip, my brother-in-law needed to stop for gas. He’d been following behind us and as he started to pass, he hydroplaned unexpectedly and slammed right into the side of our truck.

His vehicle went to the right, and ours went toward the median. Our truck connected with the guard rail, bouncing it around and ultimately spinning us facing eastbound in the westbound lane. 

As soon as we came to a stop, we jumped out to get a look at Tex. We knew that the back of the truck had to have been banged up, as connection happened back there. A trailer was hitched to our truck with a Polaris Ranger, but our dog was in a Gunner kennel in the bed of the Chevy.

To our relief, everything was fine. The G1™ Intermediate kennel was tied down (I think that was key) with the Gunner straps, and if anything it shifted mere inches.

Tex was a little shaken – I’m sure it traumatized the poor guy – but today he gets back in it like nothing ever happened. Shoutout to Gunner because after this I know they are worth every penny! 

This was Tex’s first season, we got him from Feather Point Retrievers. He was in training for about six months, but dad and I finished him. We have no doubt that the kennel saved our hunting partner for the seasons to come – thank you.

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